H3-Code Viewer WEB Site

Tomokazu ARITA (arita@obirin.ac.jp) and Takeo YAKU (yaku@cs.chs.nihon-u.ac.jp)

1. Introduction

H3-Code Vieweris a viewer for data structures H3-Codes based on rectangular dissection graphs.
H3-Code Viewer displays and generates tables based on H3-Code version 2.3 files.
H3-Code Viewer is a Java application and a FREE SOFTWARE.
Its Licence Rule is based on GPL.

2. Download

3 Source Files

4. Program Specification Documents

1, program specification documents:

1.1 Hiform documents (MS-Word Files): h3codeviewer012_hiform_060223.doc

2. Data Structures: H3Code ver.2.2: H3-Code ver.2.3

5. How to Install

4. How to Uninstall

5. How to Use H3Code Viewer


6. Sample Files