Hiform Parser

This page is maintained by Tomokazu Arita.

Hiform Parser is a Free and Open Source parser of hiform documents.


DownLoad: hiformed10a.jar (application)

Command: java -jar Hiformed01a.jar

Copyright: GPL




DownLoad: source files

1. How to get an "A1" sheet: (1) Select window menu [Open]. (2) Select an icon for the A1 sheet. You will get a graph, a derivation tree for it, and a tabular form for it.

2. How to watch a parsing animation: (1) Click the "Animation" Tab. (2) Select window menu [Open] and select the icon "A1". So you get a graph. (3) Click [Start] Button. The parsing animation will be started.

NOTE: If you cannot watch an animation, please restart this applet and please click only "Animation Tab".